16 August 2016

Three Visual Translations

I "visually translated" three late-career Paul Celan poems, which appear in the "Special Features" section on Denver Quarterly's website. The translations act as a digital supplement to the "Experimental Translation" portfolio that was co-edited by Aditi Machado and Michael Joseph Walsh in the recently released print issue.

In addition to the Visual Translations, I contributed a Translator's Note that provides further context for these pieces.

These translation combine both my interest in collage and poetry into a single project. Please visit the Denver Quarterly online tcheck out the work and support the press.

In other news, the poet Trey Moody conduct an interview with me regarding my recent books Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen It appeared in the recent issue of The Conversant.

31 March 2016

Collages and VisPo

For the past two years, I've taken an extended hiatus from writing in order to pursue visual art. Although I've dabbled in drawing, photography, and street art, collage has been my primary focus.

Recently, my work appeared online in the inaugural issue of Visible Binary, as well as the "Insect Poetics" and "Our Difficult Telling" features at The Volta.

My collages adorn the front and back covers of The Normal School, volume 8 issue 2; they also reproduced another set of images in their online journal,

Now I'm proud to announce that I will have four pieces in the CUTPASTE3 exhibit at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana, CA. Artist Michael Ziobrowski (a.k.a. xistheweapon) curated this event, which will be sponsered by Volcom. The show also will feature work by some of my favorite, contemporary collage artists; the fact that my collages will appear side-by-side with their work makes me grateful for this opportunity.

[You can read a brief review of the show in the OC Weekly]

CUTPASTE3 opens on Saturday, 16 April and runs through 16 May. If you live in the Santa Ana, Los Angeles, or the SoCal area, please stop by the F+ Gallery to check out this show.

You can view lo-fi images of my work-in-progress on my Instagram account.

You can also check out some older, text-image hybrids I created for Word for/ Word, issue 24.

16 February 2016

Immersive / Intensive

Between December 2013 and July 2014, I re-imagined several collections of contemporary poetry through creative readings practices. I retroactively named the overarching project Immersive / Intensive and, during August 2014, developed a blog that documents the project. Please visit the Immersive / Intensive site to find out more.

17 November 2015

Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen

Furniture Press Books recently released my second and third books of pomes, titled Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen, as a single, tête-bêche artifact. You will soon be able to purchase the collections at SPD Books and Amazon; until then, you can buy the books at Furniture Press' website. You can also rate or review Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen at GoodReads.

To read an interview in which I speak with Heather Cox about the books, check out issue 17 of Ghost Ocean.

Another interview re: Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen appears in the August 2016 issue of The Conversant. It's conducted by the poet Trey Moody.

Read a review of the first half of this double collection at Entropy Magazine.

A review of the chapbook Imaginary Portraits, which is a subsection of Unwanted Invention, appeared on HTML Giant.

Below is the press release for the collections:
Four years after the release of his debut collection, Joshua Ware delivers his second and third books of poetry in a single, tête-bêche artifact. In Unwanted Invention and Vargtimmen, respectively, Ware charts the luckless lovers' course: from ecstatic origins to inevitable disillusionment. 
Unwanted Invention, the first volume of these companion collections, explores Wallace Stevens' dictum that in poetry "imagination must not detach itself from reality." To this extent, the "you" and "I" of these poems reside in a space both familiar and strange as they travel through cities, cornfields, motel rooms, and mountains. In doing so, they create an ethereal realm in which love poems flourish and, ultimately, dissipate into the "irregular forms" of darkness. 
Legend has it that Vargtimmen, Swedish for the Hour of the Wolf, is the time before dawn in which people sleep the deepest, nightmares are the most vivid, and ghosts are most powerful. Like its namesake, Vargtimmen inhabits this realm, meditating on how loss of love breeds isolation, hysteria, and the "empty stagger of obsession." Imbued with moonlight, these poems invoke lunar motifs in an effort to both document and prevent the speaker's unraveling.
Below are some past and forthcoming readings in promotion of the collections:

16 October 2015 // SP CE Community Center // Lincoln, NE // with Sueyeun Juliette Lee
17 October 2015 // Petshop Gallery // Omaha, NE // with Sueyeun Juliette Lee
23 October 2015 // Mr. Peanut Butter's House // Chicago, IL // with Toby Altman & Laura Goldstein

14 November 2015 // Berl's Book Store // Brooklyn, NY // with Sueyeun Juliette Lee & Brenda Iijima

09 December 2015 // EveryEye Reading Series // Fort Collins, CO // with Tim Earley
10 December 2015 // Bad Blood Readings Series // Portland, OR // with Sueyeun Juliette Lee
12 December 2015 // Margin Shift Reading Series // Seattle, WA // with Sueyeun Juliette Lee
20 December 2015 // Sad Spell Reading Series // Denver, CO // with Katie Jean Shinkle

26 February 2016 // Failure to Identify // Houston, TX // with SJL & Tyler Gobble
27 February 2016 // Everything Is Bigger Series // Austin, TX // with SJL & Abraham Smith

19 March 2016 // The John Oates House Reading Series // San Francisco, CA // with SJL & Nico Peck

09 April 2016 // Lighthouse Writer's Workshop // Denver, CO // with Elisa Gabbert & Oren Silverman
22 April 2016 // CounterPath // Denver, CO // Visible Binary Launch Party
30 April 2016 // A Common Sense Reading Series // Kansas City, MO // with SJL & Serena Chopra

01 May 2016 // Taproom Reading Series // Lawrence, KS // with SJL & Serena Chopra

17 July 2016 // The Borough // Salt Lake City, UT //  with Sara Eliza Johnson & SJL

More 2016 dates will be announced in the near future.

Below are some readings from earlier in the year in preparation for the books' roll out. All these readings included Jeff Alessandrelli and Trey Moody:

12 June 2015 // Meg Ronan's House // Arlington, VA // with Rod Smith & Sueyeun Juliette Lee
13 June 2015 // LitMore Fundraiser // Baltimore, MD // with Kevin Varrone & Nicole Steinberg
15 June 2015 // Molasses Books // Brooklyn, NY // with Amy Lawless & Jackie Clarke

13 August 2013


While this website remains online solely for archival purposes, I continue to write reviews and conduct interviews at Vouched Books, an online and real-life organization that promotes small press literature. I began contributing to the Vouched site on 28 March 2013, shortly after this blog went static. You can find a dedicated link to all my Vouched posts here.