31 March 2016

Collages and VisPo

For the past two years, I've taken an extended hiatus from writing in order to pursue visual art. Although I've dabbled in drawing, photography, and street art, collage has been my primary focus.

Recently, my work appeared online in the inaugural issue of Visible Binary, as well as the "Insect Poetics" and "Our Difficult Telling" features at The Volta.

My collages adorn the front and back covers of The Normal School, volume 8 issue 2; they also reproduced another set of images in their online journal,

Now I'm proud to announce that I will have four pieces in the CUTPASTE3 exhibit at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana, CA. Artist Michael Ziobrowski (a.k.a. xistheweapon) curated this event, which will be sponsered by Volcom. The show also will feature work by some of my favorite, contemporary collage artists; the fact that my collages will appear side-by-side with their work makes me grateful for this opportunity.

[You can read a brief review of the show in the OC Weekly]

CUTPASTE3 opens on Saturday, 16 April and runs through 16 May. If you live in the Santa Ana, Los Angeles, or the SoCal area, please stop by the F+ Gallery to check out this show.

You can view lo-fi images of my work-in-progress on my Instagram account.

You can also check out some older, text-image hybrids I created for Word for/ Word, issue 24.