21 March 2012


As someone who identifies alternately as either a vegetarian or pescetarian (depending on my location), I'm always on the lookout for restaurants that offer a wide-range of tasty options that fit my diet. While people living in Denver with similar dining habits can fall back on establishments such as Watercourse, City O City, and Root Down, it's good to know that another breakfast eatery provides an expansive list of meals from which to choose. Located at the southeast corner of Pearl Street and 13th Avenue in the heart of Capitol Hill, Jelly has served both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike for just over a year.

The first thing you'll notice about Jelly is the retro-aesthetic of the restaurant's outdoor signage and interior decor. Modeled after design elements common to the 50s or 60s (e.g. fluid edges and sans serif fonts) and coupled with a pink and white color scheme, Jelly provides customers with a fun, comfortable, and kitschy atmosphere in which to dine. Cereal boxes from the 80s, such as C3POs, Smurf Berry Crunch, and Strawberry Shortcake, adorn the walls, taking those who grew up during that time period on a pleasant nostalgia trip. The wait-staff, always attentive and refreshingly (for Capitol Hill) exuberant, only compliments the design.

As for the food, make sure to start breakfast off with an order of Jelly's signature doughnut bites filled with (yes, you guessed it) jelly, crème anglaise, chocolate anglaise, or the cinnamon-coated variety. Main course vegetarian options include a delicious Biscuits and Gravy; Breakfast Sliders made with veggie frittatas; a Harvest Hash containing rutabaga, turnip, parsnip, carrot, and butternut squash; or the Farm Scramble, cooked with oven dried tomato, basil, and goat cheese. If your diet allows for seafood, try the Salmon Benedict. Artisan sourdough bread layered with seared fillets and perfectly poached eggs, then smothered in hollandaise sauce, makes for an amazing breakfast. For those who choose sweet over savory, the size of the Stuffed French Toast w/ Banana & Cream Cheese alone will leave you in awe. The ever-changing specialty pancakes, which in the past have included Tres Leches and Red Velvet flavors, should not be missed.

Finally, no review of Jelly would be complete without mentioning their breakfast drinks. If you're craving an extra kick with your food, try the mimosas, which happen to be both strong and delicious. If you dine during the week, you can purchase the bottomless version for $8. Then there's the Bloody Marys, which some would consider a meal in themselves. The Bloody Mary Salad comes garnished with celery, pickled green beans, olives, and carrots, while hanging from the side of the Shrimp Cocktail Cocktail version is a generous portion of sea-dwellers.

Jelly is open from 7AM to 3PM every day. They do not take reservations, so if you're not one to wait for seating (especially on the weekend), make sure to arrive before 10PM. Catering options are also available by emailing cater@eatmorejelly.com.

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