14 March 2012

Radiohead: 03/14/12, Broomfield, CO


Last night, Radiohead played the First Bank Center in Broomfield, CO. It was the band's first appearance in the state since their August 2003 concert at Red Rocks in support of their Hail To The Thief album. While the setlist for the evening contained most of the songs off their most recent album, King of Limbs, the band also played material that spanned the majority of their career. The newer songs might not, on the whole, cater to arena-sized venues filled with fans expecting a traditional rock-n-roll concert, but the crowd seemed to enjoy songs such as "Feral," "Lotus Flower," and "Give Up the Ghost." Whatever lulls concert-goers experienced when Radiohead played their more recent ambient work were more than made up for with crowd-pleasers such as "The National Anthem," "Nude," "Karma Police," "Myxomatosis," and "Idioteque."

As far as the performance itself, Radiohead commanded the arena, playing each song flawlessly, as well as altering their arrangements so as to provide the audience with something other than a rehashing of the songs' studio versions. Likewise, the movable panels projecting grainy images of the band, coupled with the ever-changing light displays offered a visual spectacle that complimented the music perfectly.

Radiohead will play throughout the country, intermittently, until mid-June with stops in California (including two head-lining performances at this year's Coachella Festival), the Midwest, and the East Coast. Detailed tour information, as well as ticket purchases, can be found on the band's website.

BROOMFIELD, CO SETLIST: Bloom, Little By Little, The National Anthem, The Gloaming, Staircase, Morning Mr. Magpie, Codex, Separator, Nude, Karma Police, The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Bodysnatchers, Feral, Lotus Flower, Reckoner, Street Spirit (Fade Out), ENCORE 1: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, There There, Lucky, True Love Waits/Everything In It's Right Place, ENCORE 2: Give Up The Ghost, Myxomatosis, Idioteque.

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  1. The last time I saw Radiohead was 2003 at Coachella. They played after The Pixies. We drove down from Reno and it took a billion hours. Very hot also.