11 March 2013

Index of Reviews and Interviews

From 12 March 2012 through 11 March 2013, I read books of contemporary poetry, then wrote and posted reviews of them on this site. In some instances, I conducted interviews with authors of these collections. I would like to thank anyone who gifted me a book; without you're help, this project would not have been affordable/possible. And, of course, I would like to thank all the wonderful poets for writing such terrific work and the editors of these presses for publishing them. Below is an alphabetized list of books with links to the original post. 

Alessandrelli, Jeff. Don't Let Me Forget to Feed the Sharks. Portland, OR: Poor Claudia, 2012.
Alessandrelli, Jeff. Erik Satie Watusies His Way Into Sound. Spokane, WA: Ravenna Press Books, 2012.
Altman, Toby. Asides. Baltimore, MD: Furniture Press Books, 2012.
Baus, Eric. Tuned Droves. Lincoln, NE: Octopus Books, 2008.
Beer, John. The Waste Land and Other Poems. Ann Arbor, MI: Canarium Books, 2010.
Biddinger, Mary. O Holy Insurgency. Pittsburgh, PA: BLack Lawrence Press, 2013.
Biddinger, Mary. Saint Monica. Pittsburgh. PA: Black Lawrence Press, 2012.
Bloch, Julia. Letters to Kelly Clarkson. San Franscisco, CA: Sidebrow Books, 2012.
Brainard, Joe. I Remember. New York, NY: Granary Books, 2001.
Brodak, Molly. The Flood. Atlanta, GA: Coconut Books, 2012.
Chávez, John. City of Slow Dissolve. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 2012.
Chopra, Serena. Penumbra. Denver, CO: Flying Guillotine Press, 2012.
Clay, Adam. A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Editions, 2012.
Cohen, Julia and Mathias Svalina. Route. Brooklyn, NY: Immaculate Disciples Press, 2012.
Cooperman, Matthew. Still: Of the Earth as the Ark Which Does Not Move. Denver, CO: Counterpath Books, 2011.
Copeland, Brooklyn. Siphon, Harbor. Bristol, England (UK): Shearsman Books, 2012.
Courtright, Nick. Punchline. Gold Wake Press, 2012.
Cutter, Weston. Plus or Minus. Salem, MA: Greying Ghost Press, 2012.
Falck, Noah. Snowmen Losing Weight. Midland, PA: Bat Cat Press, 2012.
Fernandez, Robert. We Are Pharaoh. Ann Arbor, MI: Canarium Books, 2011.
Gannon, Megan. The Witch's Index: Spells, Incantations, Poems. Syracuse, NY: Sweet Publications, 2012.
Giampietro, Frank. Begin Anywhere. Farmington, ME: Alice James Books, 2008.
Gridley, Sarah. Green Is The Orator. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2010.
Hall, Joe and Chad Hardy. The Container Store, Vol. 1 and 2. Denver, CO: Springgun Press, 2012.
Hastain, j/j. cadences. Triton Books, 2012.
Jaeger, Tyrone. The Runaway Note. Conway, AR: Toad Suck, 2012.
Karl, Steven and Veronica Wong. Don't Try This On Youe Piano or am i still standing here with my hair down. Atalanta, GA: Lame House Press, 2012.
Klane, Matthew. Isle of Wight / Israel. Iowa City, IA: Self-published, 2011.
Klane, Matthew. Sons and Followers. Iowa City, IA: Self-published, 2009.
Ladewig, Lily. The Silhouettes. Denver, CO: Springgun Press, 2012.
Lasky, Dorothea. Thunderbird. Seattle, WA: Wave Books, 2012.
Lucas, Dave. Weather. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2011.
Magnus, Magus. The Re-Echoes. Baltimore, MD: Furniture Press Books, 2012.
Martin, Camille. Sonnets. Bristol, England (UK): Shearsman Books, 2010.
Metres, Phil. abu ghraib arias. Denver, CO: Flying Guillotine Press, 2012.
Mirov, Ben. Hider Roser. Portland, OR: Octopus Books, 2012.
Moody, Trey. Once Was A Weather. Salem, MA: Greying Ghost Press, 2011.
Moseman, Lori Anderson. All Steel. Albany, NY: Flim Forum Press, 2012.
Myers, Gina. False Spring. TX: Spooky Girlfriend Press, 2012.
Noftle, Kelli Anne. I Was There For Your Solmniloquoy. Richmond, CA: Omnidawn Publishing, 2012.
Pafunda, Danielle. Manhater. Dusie Press Books, 2012.
Peterson, Adam. The Flasher. Denver, CO: Springgun Press, 2012.
Pilch, Jennifer. Profil Perdu: Art School Retrospectives, 1987-1990. Salem, MA: Greying Ghost Press, 2011.
Poe, Deborah. Hélène. Baltimore, MD: Furniture Press Books, 2012.
Olszewska, Daniela. cloudfang::cakedirt. Horse Less Press, 2012.
Orange, Tom. American Dialectics. Oxford, OH: Slack Buddha Press, 2008.
Rexilius, Andrea. Half of What They Carried Flew Away. Denver, CO: Letter Machine Editions, 2012.
Rohrer, Matthew. Rise Up. Seattle, WA: Wave Books, 2008.
Savage, Elizabeth. Grammar. Baltimore, MD: Furniture Press Books, 2012.
Schapira, Kate. How We Saved The City. Ithaca, NY: Stockport Flats, 2012.
Schickling, Jared. The Pink. Buffalo, NY: BlazeVOX, 2012.
Schomburg, Zachary. Fjords, Vol. 1. Boston, MA: Black Ocean, 2012.
Seigel, M. Bartley. This Is What They Say. Louisville, KY: Typecast Publishing, 2012.
Short, Kim Gek Lin. China Cowboy. Grafton, VT: Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2012.
Solomon, Laura. The Hermit. Brooklyn, NY: Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011.
Sturm, Nick. What A Tremendous Time We're Having! Northampton, MA: iO Books, 2012.
Wagner, Catherine. Nervous Device. San Francisco, CA: City Lights Books, 2012.
Ward, Dana. This Can't Be Life. Wasington D.C.: Edge Books, 2012.
Williams, William Carlos. Spring and All. New York, NY: New Directions Publishing, 2011.
Wolfe, Rachael. Sauce. Lincoln, NE: SP CE Books, 2012.
Yau, John. Exhibits. Denver, CO: Letter Machine Editions, 2010.

Toward the beginning of this project, I also wrote several posts not related to poetry. On this site, you can also find reviews of Gus Van Sant's Last Daysthe first two albums by Perfume Genius; concerts by Radiohead and Girls; Denver-based establishments Jelly, Great Divide Brewery, and the Clyfford Still Museum; an excerpt from an interview I gave about photography for Open Letters Monthly; and an alphabetical index of poetry reviews I wrote on various blogs before creating this site.

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